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Did Santa bring you a ukulele for Christmas? Did you find one in the attic thatís been in the family for years?
Perhaps you bought one while on vacation in the islands. The next step is to learn how to play it and I can help!

Come join my Ukulele Academy. I offer classes on Mondays and Tues in Santa Cruz and on Weds. in Los Gatos and San Jose. You'll learn all of the basics you need. Youíll be playing music before your first lesson is over.

Or if you already know how to play at least a dozen chords, I can take you beyond the basics in my Intermediate/Advance classes. You'll learn more challenging techniques, fabulous songs and more. Beyond instruction in the class, I offer performance experience opportunities.

Plus each month, on the 3rd Fridays, we have a great time at our ukulele social club, jamming to our favorite tunes.

There always lots of laughter and youíre bound to make plenty of new friends on your journey with music. So dust off your uke and come to my classes. I hope to see you there . Aloha!

IMPORTANT: The Beginning Class registration closes once we meet for our first lesson. If you can not make the first class of the course, you can make special arrangements for a private "make-up" lesson or wait until the next session begins.

PRIVATE LESSONS: are perfect of anyone that might need a slower paced lesson or want to move at a more advanced pace than the group lessons. We can supplement the group classes or develop an area of your personal interest. They are also great for kids. Children should be of reading age. Private lessons are typically in my home in Soquel or within local driving distance. Available Mon-Fri. Call to schedule a lesson. Gift certificates are available.

Michelle Kiba (831) 334-8537 or email me at:


2017 'Ukulele Class Schedules & Locations

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Soquel & Santa Cruz      Los Gatos & San Jose   



Private residence
Pre-register for address. 831 334- 8537
Limit: 5  students.

6:00 - 7:00  Advanced Beginnerís

1/2 - 2/7

 2/13 - 3/21    (No classes on  2/6 & 3/27)

 4/3 - 5/9    (No classes on 5/8 & 5/15)

 5/22 - 6/26  (5 wk course)   (No classes on 5/29 & 7/3 )

 7/10 - 8/22  (No classes on 7/24 & 8/21)

 9/11- 10/9  (5 wk course)  (No classes on 9/4)

 10/16 - 12/5  Holiday Session
12/5  Christmas Party    
(No classes on 10/30,  11/20, & 12/4 )

Christmas Concert  12/9  Locations TBA 
SC Rehearsal dates:   11/21  & 12/1  
Participants must enroll in 10/16 session
and attend rehearsals


Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Art League 526 Broadway, SC

6:00 - 7:00  Beginnerís
7:15 - 8:15 Intermediate/ Advanced students

1/3 - 2/7

 2/14 - 3/21    (No classes on 3/28)

 4/4 - 5/9   (No classes on 5/16)

 5/23 - 6/27   (No classes on 7/4)

 7/11 - 8/22     (No classes on 7/25)

 9/5 - 10/10     (No classes on 10/31)

 10/17 - 12/5  Christmas Party   ( No classes on 11/21 )

Christmas Concert  12/9  Locations TBA in class 
SC Rehearsal dates:   11/21  & 12/1  
Participants must enroll in 10/17 session
& attend 2 rehearsals

Los Gatos

The Terraces of Los Gatos 
800 Blossom Hill Road.



1:30 - 2:30 Advanced Beginners

 1/11 - 2/008    (No classes on  2/1)

  2/15 - 4/12    (No classes on  3/1 & 3/29)

    4/12 - 5/31   (No classes on  5/17)

   6/14 - 8/9        (No classes on 8/2)

   8/16 - 10/11   (No classes on  10/4)

 10/18- 11/29      (No classes on 11/1/4)

This course DOES NOT meets on the
first Mondays of each month.

Christmas Concerts: 12/9 
  Locations TBA 
SJ Rehearsals Dates11/16 & 11/30   
Participants must enroll in 10/18 session
and attend rehearsals


San Jose

Yu Ai Kai Senior Center 588 North 4th Street

(Jackson Ave, cross street)


6:00 - 7:00  Returning Students

7:15 - 8:15 New Beginners 

1/11 - 2/8   (No classes on  2/1)

 2/15 - 3/22  (No classes on 3/29)

 4/5 - 5/10   (No classes on 5/17)

 5/24 - 6/28 

 7/12 - 8/23   (No classes  7/5, 7/26,   8/30)

 9/6 - 10/11   (No classes on 10/31)

10/18 - 12/6    Holiday session
12/6   Christmas Party 
(No classes on 11/1 & 11/22)

Christmas Concert  12/9  Locations TBA in class 
Rehearsal dates:  11/16  & 11/3   
Participants must enroll in 10/18
& attend 2 rehearsals



Student Performance Opportunities

Meow Luau Animal Shelter Fund Raiser
Cowboy Campfire

Aloha Campfire
2 Holiday Christmas Shows

Performance opportunities: Currently enrolled students and alumni are welcome to sing and play for each other at our recitals nights (typically the last class of the session) where friends and family are welcome to join us. We also entertain at multiple public venues throughout the year. Our past shows include the annual Meow Luau at the Animal Shelter, the State Parks Cowboy Campfire, State Parks Aloha Campfire, the Ukulele Festival of Northern California and Holiday shows. To participate, students must attend rehearsals and be currently enrolled in classes.

Course Description

Beginning Ukulele: You do not need any musical experience. This course is designed for students who have never played an instrument before. It is also a great refresher course for those who have some experience playing the ukulele. Students will be able to play 2- 3 songs by the end of the first lesson. Each time we meet, we will build on the previous lesson and add new skills, with chords, and new songs. (IMPORTANT! Registration closes after the first class meeting. If you can not make the first class, please sign up for the next session).

Advanced Beginner: If you Answer Yes to two or more of the following questions, this course if you! Do you have some experience but still have trouble transitioning from chord to chord? Do you have any discomfort while playing? Do you play less than 12 chords? Do you find song charts challenging to follow? Are all of your strums the same? We'll review some good ergonomic practices, learn some simple strumming techniques, build your chord and song repertoire and practice learning to play together.

Intermediate/ Advance Classes: This course is for students that already play at least 8-12 chords proficiently. (If you need to ask "which chords?" you may not be ready. It's recommended you take the beginning class first). This class moves along. We focus on building song repertoire, learn new chords and developing advanced right and left hand techniques. Each 6-week session will feature a different theme of music (i.e. Rock, Hawaiian, Swing, Oldies, etc.) 


Class Objectives: Students will have fun singing and learning to play the soprano, concert or tenor ukulele. Weíll cover a wide variety of music including, Western, Swing ,easy Rock, folk, Tin Pan Alley, easy Jazz, Hawaiian songs and more. Reading music is not a requirement nor will music theory be emphasized, however in the continuing classes we will occasionally explore basic theory elements to gain a better understanding of how music works. All classes are taught by watching, listening, singing and or course playing along.

Instruments/Equipment:  You must have a ukulele by the first class to participate. You'll also need a chromatic tuner. If you dont have one at the first lesson, I will have extras on hand as loaners. We'll talk more about them at the first class. Please contact the instructor if you need information about how or where to buy a ukulele. Sorry, my curriculum does not support the baritone. Only Soprano, Concert and Tenor 'ukulele tuning.

It is HIGHLY recommended you bring a tape recorder to class. Recordings will help you learn our songs and be helpful as a practice tool. Recorded classes are helpful during practice at home and will help you learn new songs. 


Click here to open a Ukulele Chord Chart PDF   UkeChart.pdf

      Last update on: 8 19 2017